Tea time

Yesterday was my birthday. It was an awesome birthday! Lots of wishes from family and friends plus dinner with family and friends and then a surprise party! I will post more about it later as I am waiting for some pictures to come through.

Today my sister Corrie and I celebrated by going out to tea. This was a momentous occasion with lots of firsts:

  • First time Corrie ever went out to tea at a tea place.
  • First time Corrie and I have ever gone out the two of us only.
  • First time I have ever accidentally locked my keys in the car. (At least, first time that I recall! Knowing my memory, it probably was not the first time!)

We went to Treasured Teatime in Sacramento. First time we had been there too!

Besides the little mishap of my accidentally leaving the keys in the car and getting them locked in (fortunately Corrie has AAA so she was able to call them!), it was a great afternoon! It was actually quite a bit amusing as both Corrie and I like photography and so every time something interested popped up we would both start snapping pictures.

The place was very cute — lots of pink and flowers and lace and frou frou stuff. Neither Corrie nor I are really girly girls and felt a bit under dressed as all the other women around seemed to be wearing dresses and nice clothes and some had hats on. But I said to Corrie, “Well, it’s my birthday so I don’t feel like dressing up!” and so we felt comfortable being ourselves and had a great time!


It is a very quaint and cute place. We got a little table for two.


We each got to pick which tea we wanted (I went for the Peach Lift — very delicious!) and then our own cup. Corrie went for a blue Egyptian looking one that looked like it had little heiroglyphics.


My cup was quite different. Pink dainty little flowers. When I make frou-frou graphics at church they get shot down, so I must enjoy the pastel colors elsewhere.


The teas had little strainers to pour the tea through so they could catch the leaves. We had to be shown how to use these as we had never used this particular kind before.


The meal started out with a delicious vegetable Soup.


Then came out a very large tray of food! Here’s a picture I snapped of Corrie using my phone to take pictures of the food.


There was all sorts of yummy stuff on the menu.

I didn’t catch all of them exactly but here are a few things I got from the website that I tried to match up with the picture.

Cranberry Albacore Tea Sandwich
Calla Lily Sandwich
Sliced Egg & Dill Sandwich
English Cucumber & Earl Grey Chutney Sandwich


Ham & Cheese Tea Loaf
Almond Caramel Tart
Turtle Muffin
Seasonal Fruit & Savory Appetizer (strawberry and cheddar cheese)
The Perfect Lemon Tart


White Chocolate Scone
Blueberry Lime Scone


Not pictured:
Yummy dessert with some kind of rum and whipped cream
Lemon Curd and Devonshire Cream

We were totally stuffed! It was all quite delicious. Service was good and the ladies were very nice and helpful. The only point of improvement was I thought the meal could do with more savory. It was heavy on the sweets and by the end I was a little big sugared out. I loved the little finger sandwiches and wanted more of those. But by and large everything was really delicious.

Corrie and I talked about life and family and church and funny stories had such a good time we talked about doing this every year as a tradition! It was a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. corriespondent - April 4, 2009

    Thanks for inviting me! That was really fun (and yummy).

    When the server told us about the “Cranberry Albacore Sandwich,” I thought she said, “Apple Core” and thought that was kind of weird. Then later when I was eating the sandwich, I thought, “Hm… tastes like there is tuna. Where’s the apple?” Not until I read your blog did I realize what was going on!

  2. Angela Yee - April 4, 2009

    Wow! That’s pretty good… I didn’t hear “cranberry” nor “albacore” nor “sandwich!” I don’t know what I heard… I think I was just thinking, “Wow! That’s a lot of food!”

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