another birthday celebration

Today was Glen’s birthday. We decided to surprise him by stopping by impromptu after dinner.

Fortunately, his daughter Hannah was over so she helped us plot how to time it. She texted us after they left the restaurant and when they got home. We immediately hopped into the car and drove over.

Glen answered the door and we sang happy birthday to him.

Then we gave him his gift. It was in a flowery pink bag with bright pink paper, in honor of his pink camera. (He often tells me my designs are too frou-frou, so I wanted to give him something really girly for his birthday.)


We gave him a gag gift of 3 water bottles and an orange (private joke). There was a real gift in there but he had to dig around for it.


His family gave him very nice gifts!


Karen and Gracie made a really delicious berry pie. It was sooo yummy!


Father and daughter blew out the candles and we had ice cream and hung out a little before heading home. It was fun to surprise Glen for his birthday!


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