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Friday was my birthday! It was one of the best birthdays I have ever had!

The day kicked off with a phone call from my friend Rob wishing me happy birthday and we decided to all get together for dinner that evening because there were no plans for the day.

The my sister Corrie stopped by with my cute little nephew!


I could not ask for a better present — he gave me many hugs! Awww! Melt, melt!


It was such a joy playing with him!


The afternoon was quite busy with errands and running around and getting stuff done. I was quite productive.

In the evening, our family and Corrie went out to Sacramento to meet our friend Rob and his girlfriend Tonya. We had Vietnamese Pho noodles and it was totally delicious! We haven’t found a good place since we moved from Fremont and I must say this place fit the bill.


The bowls were huge though! Daniel looked like he was eating from a basin!


It was great to see Rob and meet Tonya. They spoiled me — balloons and two birthday cards and a gift! wow!


Then things got a little strange. Rob said that they had to leave in 5 minutes to go see a show. I instantly knew he was lying.

When I went to the bathroom and came back, they had suddenly disappeared. Then I knew something was up. That was very strange.

Then as we drove home, I noticed Albert was texting in the car. He NEVER texts.

As we got to the house, Albert said he had to take the garbage in. Corrie said she had to use our bathroom. Megan held the door open for me while I opened it.

I opened the door… and there was a hand on the light switch in our house! Turns out it was Glen.

He flicked the lights on and everyone said, “Surprise!” I was not totally surprised that there were people in the house. What I was surprised at was how many people were there! I was totally blown away! I thought maybe one or two families, but Albert invited a bunch of people!

Albert came in and said, “Yes, I am vindicated!” because for the first time he planned a party for me! This was a huge accomplishment as Albert 1) doesn’t like big events and 2) doesn’t like planning events and 3) managed to keep this secret from me for three weeks!

Now that I look back it is really quite amazing how oblivious I was as the family was sneaking around the house hiding things from me. Megan apparently almost let something slip but I had no clue. Daniel forgot something at home and came back and made an excuse but I didn’t think anything of it. Glen and Corrie helped plan and sounded appropriately sympathetic when I said we didn’t have anything planned for my birthday… and then went off laughing.

I was amazed and quite impressed!

Lots of people helped put candles in the cake.


It was the first time I have ever had candles sticking out the side of the cake. Of course I couldn’t blow it out in one try.


Of course we are a Chinese family. How to remove trick candles that won’t blow out? With chopsticks, of course!


The theme was American Idol so guests could perform if they wanted to. I was so honored! Daniel’s piano teacher came just to perform a duet with him! We all tried to crowd into Megan’s little bedroom where the piano resides and enjoyed a duet of Beethoven’s 5th symphony.


Megan and friends did a dance routine they learned off Japanese anime. It was GREAT!


Albert and Daniel gave a fencing demonstration. People stood out in the patio and watched because there was no room in the house. Lighting was dismal though. They couldn’t see what they were doing and didn’t know if they hit each other!


I loved how people just hung out and talked until about 11 pm. It was a really wonderful birthday and I thank God for my loving family and friends who made the day very special!

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  1. Pete - April 17, 2009

    Awesome! Too bad we missed out. Too hilarious how people were sneaking around! Good show Albert!

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