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You never know when a high school drafting class comes out handy

One of the things I love about my job is the variety and different things I get to do.

This past Sunday I preached a message on Jonah. (Will post later on that.)

The next day I made a volunteer staffing chart that’s five feet long by 4 feet high. (Will post later on that too.)

And today I made construction plans for converting the front of the church into a castle, as well as set designs for the stage.

I took a high school drafting class, which I really enjoyed. I never thought it would have any practical application to a future job! (Though I did consider studying architecture at one point.) Over the years I have done some set and facility design which has kept my skills someone in working order, but I like to study drawings to see what architects do!

Our church (University Covenant Church) is doing Breakaway, our Vacation Bible School/Summer Day Camp. We are using Bayside Church’s program, Breakaway to the Royal Kingdom, which they did last year. Bayside’s folks have been incredibly supportive and helpful! Plus, it’s fun talking with my old buds since I used to work there!

Bayside is a huge church so we have had to scale back what we are doing in comparison to how they did it. We want the same feel of high energy, fun and an experience kids will remember for a long time. We’re going bigger, wider and deeper than in previous years, and very excited about the upcoming event!

Fortunately we have paper architectural plans, which my assistant scanned for me. I placed the jpg into Illustrator and started drawing by hand.

Then I took a picture from Bayside and scaled it down and drew on top of that for a template, but later changed dimensions and details.

Finishing touch was all the dimensioning. This is where a CAD program would be handy but I have only a drawing program so it was all done by hand.

Finished result:

I used to know how to use patterns but it’s been years since I’ve used them and didn’t have time to look it up so just drew all the bricks since it was easier!!!

Then onto the stage. First had to draw the stage itself, then drew the set. The program is interesting in that there are 5 days of drama and 4 of the 5 days have a different set!

First day: castle.

Now the problem is once this castle gets built, we can’t just haul it off the stage. So we had to figure out how to work around that limitation.

Second day: town.

We are going to throw grass skirting over the castle to make it a thatch roof, then use butcher paper to make the facade to cover the castle underneath. I’m not crazy about the thatch on the gate so that might get reworked. Still have to dimension this out…

Still working on the next two. Got one mostly done in time for a meeting tonight with our decor people. They seemed up to the challenge! I’m excited!

So far it’s coming out to about 2 hours per drawing… Will post the rest later!

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  • Reply cezanne

    hi angela, just found your blog and am catching up on your life.. it’s like reading your christmas package.. on line! Great to hear you and the familyare doing so well! the kids have are so big but you and albert look the same.. very young!much blessings to you and albert! cezanne

    July 24, 2009 at 4:04 pm
  • Reply Brian


    Next time you need CAD try out google sketchup… It’s free. I used it to design a 3D model of our house for planning a remodel.


    August 10, 2009 at 3:31 pm
    • Reply Angela Yee

      Thanks, Brian! My daughter told me about it but I haven’t had time to learn it as it was crunch time. Looks like a great tool! 🙂

      August 13, 2009 at 7:10 pm

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