What does your staff page say about your church?

For my first post, we’re going to look at church websites, particularly the staff page.

At a recent newcomer’s lunch, we discovered that a large percentage of the newcomers had visited our website, and about a quarter of the people had actually found our church through our website.

So the question is, what does our website say about us? Let us start with the staff page.

To clarify, I can rip on this staff page because I designed it. 🙂 I’m trying to have an honest look at what this page communicates about our church. It will only help us get better. 🙂

Picture 2

For a newcomer to our church what does this say?

  • Staff is available to contact. Easy to contact people via email by just clicking.
  • Gives phone extension but nowhere on the page is there a phone number. You have to find it by clicking on another page. (Oops, that was a miss on my part!)
  • Its a bit hard to find people. Generally organized by first name but I noticed some are out of order. Not sure first name order is the best way…regular convention is last name. But I can understand if a place goes by first-name basis that first name order makes sense.
  • The professional pictures feel corporate. Church doesn’t feel particularly friendly if you judge it by the photos.
  • Photos are inconsistent. We have some professional ones and some random ones taken by different people. Quality, lighting, color all varies. It’s a hodgepodge and says, “Some of these people missed the photo shoot. I guess we better find a picture somewhere and put it in!”

Now let’s look at Elevation Church’s staff page:

Picture 1

What does this say?

  • These people have their act together. They got everyone’s picture taken in a way so that they all have the same look and feel.
  • The color tones of these photos have the modern, hip feel — desaturated, limited color palette type of photos are popular these days.
  • It’s a creative place. people are posed differently. Some are closeups, some farther away. But because they all have the same feel, it works.
  • Easy to contact people: just click for email. No phone extensions but that’s not a problem since the phone number is on the side.
  • When you click “more,” there are pictures of everyone carrying a whiteboard with a unique message — once again, creative, with a fun element. Seems like people’s personalities come out in this page.
  • The one main thing I had a bit of confusion over was the senior pastor is not on this page. After looking for him quite a bit I realized he was on a different page altogether, but there is no link to that page.

One thing we are planning to implement on our web page are staff bios. Elevation does not have bios either but their “More” page is a fun addition.

Looks like I have a bit of work to do to improve our staff page after I get back from vacation…

Angela Yee

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  1. Glen Nielsen - August 11, 2009

    Fabulous topic, brilliant post! I suggest we go through every page of the website and knock out some basic criteria for each:

    1. Audience: Who is this page for? Will they care?
    2. Content: Is the information relevant and is it current?
    3. Ownership: What group owns this page? Who is the updater?
    4. Culture: Does this page truly reflect our culture?
    5. Rubric: What category does this page belong in (Connect, Grow, or Serve)?
    6. Can we simplify this page? How? Less clutter, less noise …

  2. Angela Yee

    Angela Yee - August 11, 2009

    Great ideas!!!! More to do when I get back… 🙂

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