Bible Study Workout With a Twist

Lately one of my friends has been going through a new workout system. I first caught wind of it when I saw strange updates on his Twitter that said cryptic phrases like “P90X meltdown” and “Plyo X bonus round.” I had no idea what it was. Then today I saw this:


This is what Elevation Church is doing to get its congregation fired up about reading the Bible — the B90X Bible reading program. Why I think this is very cool:

  • Many churches present Bible reading as “this is what you’re supposed to do.” To help, they provide a list of letters, numbers and colons preceded by checkboxes. (Ok, there are letters, numbers and colons above, and the checkbox is after the passage.) The list is usually very straightforward, somewhat academic, and encourages people to dutifully read the passage and check off the box. There’s nothing that sparks energy and creativity to engage with the Bible.
  • This tool above poses a challenge. It’s saying, “This is fun, this is hard, this is good for you, and it will change your life!
  • The use of a fitness theme gives an image of a workout, but in the end it’s worth it because you are healthier and stronger.
  • The church can get fired up together about hitting this challenge together.
  • This approach would appeal to men too — we’re not talking about girly dance aerobics here. The black, orange and white letters make it look quite masculine and strong.
  • When you look at the content, you can see why it’s a challenge. You’re reading significant portions of the Bible at once! This is not a watered-down approach. It is a mountain to climb! And you better not wimp out!

They say that when you are losing weight or starting a new exercise program, the best thing to do is recruit a few friends to do it with you and keep you accountable. This is true of Bible reading as well. There is power in the entire congregation going through the reading together. That’s why all-church campaigns have been so successful. There is power in the entire body focusing together and comraderie in knowing others are doing the same thing.

So Elevation Church is doing this together. And another twist they added that they are utilizing technology to help people feel more connected and to encourage each other. They use a Twitter hash tag #B90x so that people can tweet about their Bible reading and see that other people are doing it too. It’s interesting seeing people’s thoughts and insights on what they’re reading, where they read the Bible, and what they’re going to do as a result.

I love how this church has brought Bible study into the 21st century. The Bible and God’s truth never changes, but we can always employ new methods and technology to encourage people to engage! Yes, the Bible stands on its own, but God gave us creativity to employ and this church does a great job using it to encourage its people towards spiritual growth!

Angela Yee

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  1. Ka-Je - March 13, 2014

    I love this! We hope to add this to our ministry soon.

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