And Now For a Commercial Break

So it’s time to take a break from all things serious and inject a little humor.

My sister sent me this link today. (She’s a web designer). It has nothing to do with church or leadership, but it’s a great example for communication!

This website is not a church website. This is what the original looked like.


Apparently someone said the design didn’t pop so much, so they redesigned it to look like this:


Click here to go to the lovely redesign. Then click the “Cornify” button in the middle four times and you get lovely pink headings in Comic Sans and some special glittery surprises!

So as I was falling off my chair laughing, I discovered that apparently this website inspiration was taken from a real website, and a Christian one no less. There’s even a cat running backwards in the bottom left hand corner.


Yay for the message, yay for the desire to reach out… but I wonder if the webmaster knows what this site is visually communicating?

Angela Yee

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