Organizing multiple projects

I am constantly juggling multiple projects. I have an Octopus personality that has multiple arms juggling multiple things. (You can read about the different organizing styles in my book I’m Not Neat But I’m Organized.)

Yesterday I discovered a very cool site called SpringPad. This site totally helps me organize in the way I think!

I set up tabs for each of my projects.

Under each tab I created a task list. Each task list is titled with a month. (I plan a year out.) Springpad lets you condense the lists and see only the title or see the full version that has all the details.

Then, each month, I drag that month’s tasks to the “Current Month” tab. It’s very easy to drag and drop.

Every day I click on my “Current Month” tab and see all my projects at a glance and everything I have to accomplish that month! I can then prioritize and select my tasks for the day.

I’ve only been using this tool for a day and already it’s been a big help!

The only bummer is that I would love to be able to copy lists and re-use them or share them with people but these features are not functional yet.

Springpad does a ton of other things that I haven’t mentioned. I can see this tool will be quite useful in the weeks ahead as I juggle a very busy month!

A Yee

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