helpful tool for memory-impaired and lazy peopleIt

I have had an iPhone for almost two years but it’s only the past few months that I have really been using the camera for things other than taking pictures of things of family, friends, and interesting things I see.

Now it is an indispensable part of my life as I am prone to forgetfulness (my friends call me “Dory” from Finding Nemo). I have also discovered it is a great tool for someone who is lazy.

For example, yesterday my husband and I went to IKEA. Before, I used to get a pencil and little piece of paper and write down the aisle and bin numbers for the products where you get your item. After I got a phone, I started pulling up the note application and typing in the details.

But yesterday I realized I could just take my phone and take a picture of the entire tag!


Taking a picture was even better than writing down the details because we realized we needed to check some dimensions and details later. Plus I love how the phone has a zoom feature so I can easily zoom in and read every detail on the tag.

Other ways to use the phone camera:

  • Pictures of my whiteboard after a meeting when I write notes I need to remember.
  • Pictures of flipcharts and easel pads.
  • Pictures of notes I write on a paper that I am too lazy to transcribe into the computer.
  • Ideas of jewelry as I experiment and move beads around.
  • My friend also said he uses his phone to take pictures of his parking spot (which is a great tip for me, because I can never remember what number I parked by!) and hotel room number.

The possibilities are endless!

A Yee

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