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Today the Sacramento Youth Symphony Premier Orchestra performed at the Sacramento Library. I had never been there before… imagined a small, stuffy room. Boy, was I wrong! It’s actually a super huge hall attached to the book part of the library. I didn’t bring my camera (we were rushing to get out the door) so all the pictures below were taken from my iPhone… so they were a little crooked and lighting was not too great. But it gives a general idea!

Here’s a picture of the hall, with the orchestra at the bottom. There’s a cool second floor gallery you can sit and look through the railings. (You can kind of see some people sitting on the right.)

Here’s the shot looking up where you can see the people sitting on the balcony. Wow, I just realized the building is 3 stories tall! That’s a huge library!

Here’s a better shot of the orchestra below.

Not only was the building impressive, but the acoustics were amazing!!! We sat in the third row and the music was so clear and rich. They definitely designed this building for concerts!

Here’s our daughter, warming up before the concert (before most of the rest of the orchestra showed up). We later found out she is the youngest one in the orchestra at 13 years old. (The kids go up to 21 years.) She just had a birthday a few months ago.

There she is, smack in the middle, half hidden by another guy in front. This is when they were still warming up.

I got a kick out of the fact that all the double bass players (and many of the cello players) all wore Christmas hats. One even put hat on their bass.

The next youngest player was 14. He did a sax solo. Very impressive!

The conductor had a great sense of humor and made the concert a lot of fun. At the end he had little kids come up and conduct the orchestra, just to show how insignificant the conductor really was. (Kinda funny, as musicians know that is definitely not true!) Megan told us ahead of time that they were told to play on autopilot. They didn’t follow the kids, though some of the kids actually had really good rhythm! It was very funny watching the musicians eyeing the “conductor” and smiling.

It was a super concert. I am really glad that we got to go even though I didn’t find out about the concert until yesterday (ahem, someone forgot to tell me, but the guilty party shall remain nameless), and I didn’t find out the time until today. That meant at church I had to do some scrambling but some very kind people stepped in to take over my responsibilities.

Oh, also this week I had a fun chance to be a little creative. One of our members brought in a ceramic nativity set for us to borrow for the Christmas season and I got to decorate the table. Not bad considering we had zero budget and I had to scrabble around for existing items to make it look good. We actually made this table our Meet and Greet table, which is why there is a basket there (it holds packets for newcomers).

I did end up going to Joann Fabrics and buying a little piece of the gold cloth under Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus because it looked a bit bare without it. But everything else was existing stuff: tablecloths, scrap boxes, big binders to put on the boxes (because the boxes sagged), garland with lights, little golden pears I plundered from last year’s Christmas projects, and extra gold ornaments.

Here’s another view.

Very fun to do some creative stuff once in a while and try something new. (I’ve never set up a nativity set before!)

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  1. Randomgenericwaddledee - December 8, 2009

    Premier Orchestra does not play in small, stuffy rooms. 🙂

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