Day 9

Feb 20, 2010

Yesterday (Saturday) I went food shopping for the first time in a long time. Yes, I am a totally spoiled wife. My husband does all the food shopping. This is because he loves to cook and he loves to eat.

I actually enjoyed it! It was kind of fun to browse around. Ok, I confess. What was really fun was that Nugget had a shopping cart with a little tray by the handle. I put my iPhone on the tray and would check my items as I put them in the cart. I use for my shopping list and it’s got a cool mobile version which is so easy to use. Both my husband and I add things to the list so we don’t forget anything. (Problem is when we forget to add stuff to the list.) I love checking things off the list!

All those extra steps added up. I walked 2.53 miles yesterday (not super great, but better than other days). Unfortunately, I ended up in the middle of a road that had no Google Map picture! It looks like Cave Neck Road has a huge chunk missing. It must be kind of a boring road, is my guess.

In the afternoon I went to watch my son fence. It was fun to see him in action! I had no idea what he was doing but it looked impressive. He’s the one on the right:

Not much walking there. I sat on the side and worked on my computer in between bouts. So the total step count was 6865. Sigh… still no 10,000…

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