Day 11

Feb 22, 2010

My step count was low today. This was due to a couple reasons.

1. I am a Highly Forgetful Person and I couldn’t find my pedometer this morning. I ran downstairs and couldn’t find it so I ran upstairs and couldn’t find it. Eventually I found it hidden in a pocket. However, this memory lapse of mine caused me to lose a couple thousand steps. Ok, maybe a couple hundred steps. Ok, maybe a couple dozen steps.

2. I rode my bike to work for the first time this season. Beautiful bright day… only 2 blocks from work… it’s sure pathetic of me to drive my car (which I do when it rains or in the winter since it gets dark and I am lack confidence from my bike accidents last summer). But the pedometer doesn’t measure bike riding! So that should at least add up to a couple dozen steps. 🙂

3. I spent most of the day at my computer. Proposals, emails, my really really big homework project, marriage conference stuff, etc. Sitting at my desk means no walking.

Blogging about my walking has been great incentive to get on that treadmill. I just couldn’t bear to write down today that I had only gotten 1,000 steps the whole day. The shame of it! So onto the treadmill I went and I at least got up to 6607 steps today. That’s 2.5 miles. No 10,000 but not 1,000 either, thank goodness!

So here’s a picture of where I ended up in Delaware, on Burton Road in Milton, Delaware.

I poked around Google Maps street view along the road I walked. It is quite amazing how much corn grows in Delaware. It must be one of those secret operative places that no one knows grows corn. Everyone thinks Kansas or Nebraska… surely there must be corn there! But no, Delaware is secretly growing loads and loads of corn!

Otherwise, sadly, the road was somewhat dull. Single houses and outrageously large pieces of land. (I’m from California where yards are the size of postage stamps.) The main interesting thing about this picture is that it looks like the stop sign is backwards. It isn’t, but it just looks that way because the street sign is mounted over it. I guess it a bit sad when the most interesting thing you can say about your sightseeing is that a stop sign looks backwards.

But, upward and onward! The good news is I have crossed the halfway point walking across Delaware! I’m trying to reach the state forest campground in the next two days!

As to the presentation I was working on, I have completed 5 out of 6 (still working on #6). The slide I was most proud of was this one:

That’s because instead of using stock photography, I used a picture I took myself! And it even looks like a stock photograph! Wait… is that a good thing or a bad thing that I am saying stock photographs are the standard for quality photography…?

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