Days 12 & 13 • First time at 10,000 steps!!!

Feb 23

I went 7540 steps (2.85 miles) and to my disappointment, there is no Google Map street view picture! Big bummer… all those steps and I can’t even see where I went.

Feb 24

First time I hit over 10,000 steps!!!! Hooray! I went 10,088 steps, or 3.82 miles.

But I have a confession to make. I discovered that I can make more steps when I jump up and down or run in place! However, since this is somewhat cardiovascular, I think it counts. 🙂 And my husband I took a 51-minute walk tonight, which really helped. After that walk, I was already over 9,000 steps. So I walked around the house and ran in place and finally went over 10,000! Yay!

(But I suppose some might call that cheating. On the other hand, I feel fully justified running in place getting additional exercise. But then, I did eat 4 cookies tonight because they were freshly baked because we had friends over, which is a perfect opportunity to make dessert because I never make dessert unless we have friends over, which is why my kids like to have friends over, because they love dessert. Uh oh. Run on sentence. I must be feeling guilty. )

After all that walking, I finally hit the Redden State Forest! This picture shows my path… on the left is the Maryland state border. I am over halfway there!

I also discovered that with the Google Street View, if you pick up the little person, it highlights all the streets where there have been pictures taken. Below on the left where there is a red dot is where I ended up today.

Unfortunately it looks like I have picked a road that has no pictures. I thought it might be nice to see some nice pictures of Redden State Forest! No such luck. However, I did find a web page that at least shows the buildings. Nice buildings. I go to a state forest and I see buildings.

Ah well, what do you expect of virtual travel?

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