Cheapo camera setup

Today (Feb 25) some of us got involved in a fun video project where instead of having the usual live person going through the mandatory list of announcements, we are having a video with drawings. I drew the straw to be the lucky artist. Come to think of it, no one else was going for those straws. (Maybe because there weren’t any.)

However, there were a couple challenges, like not having a good rigging to set up the camera so that we could film the drawing so that the hand and pictures were drawn without a head or back getting in the way.

So Glen had a great idea in setting up a folding table on it’s end. There was a card table that held the (cheap) tripod, which had the camera. It looked like this:

We used white butcher paper and taped it on the table. Underneath I taped my little cartoon sketches that I had practiced so I could remember which order to draw in:

Okay, if that’s not a ghetto setup, I don’t know what is. Total cost: zero dollars. That is a very good thing considering we have a budget freeze. Love how the creativity works when you have no money.

Matt and Amy recorded the voiceover using Matt’s computer and Keith’s mic. Matt, with his drama background, did such a super job.

Keith was the lucky one who got all the pieces and started editing.

I am looking forward to seeing how this video turns out! It was a team effort! I sure am blessed to work with so many great people!

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