And now for the cheery part…

Man, that last post was pretty depressing. I hope I didn’t sound like I was whining. If anything, I am just thanking God for His sustaining me through a pretty crazy season! So now it is time to celebrate the cool things from this past week…

1. My crazy season is over! Part of all my crazy season was because I put commitments on my calendar before I started a new system where  I block off entire weeks to avoid myself overbooking things. This has helped immensely and I believe it will help me as I move forward. For example, since I am preaching in May, I have blocked off the 2 weeks previously because I know I will need 2 weeks to prepare as I interweave the prep between all my other responsibilities. This means that I don’t commit to any other events/additional projects that would overlap those times. So I am excited about this and am hoping to get down to a regular work schedule!

2. Despite all the clumsy incidents, God has protected me from injury. Although I fell down the stairs and landed funny on my foot, I hurt my ankle a bit, put ice on it immediately, and there was no significant pain the next day! I did get into a car accident but it was very minor and our car had no damage whatsoever.

3. It was a God-thing how Albert was able to go down with me today. I thought I would have to wake up at 5:45 am and drive down myself. But it turned out he had a meeting the next town over so he could drive too! Originally he had to be up here for a meeting, but he got moved off the project so he didn’t need to be here and could go down to the Bay Area where the mother ship office is for another meeting! (My conference went from 8:30 arrival to 4:30 finish and his meeting was from 9 to 4!)

4. The workshop was a ton of fun! There I was, standing on the sidewalk with a mountain-load of stuff, when a guy who was attending my workshop happened to get out of his car, recognize me, and come hurrying over to help me carry everything in. He was like an angel. It was perfect timing!

There were some nice nooks and crannies in the building with chairs, where before I spoke I could go for some quiet reflection and prayer and just get my head in order before teaching.

The workshop was the BASS Convention Administrative Assistants seminar. I think it officially kicked off tonight and tomorrow and Friday and Saturday there are a lot of workshops. I heard there are something like 300 workshops!

God was gracious in answering prayers. I am not a morning person and I was stressed and frazzled and I didn’t get any sleep, so I was concerned as to how my brain was functioning. It was a little sluggish at first but then cleared up and started working better fairly quickly.

It was funny because I did a sticky note exercises during the workshop. The last time I did this, I was putting up the notes myself. This time I asked 1 or 2 people to help me collect them, and not only did they do that, but a bunch of them came up to the board, arranging everything in order. I just stood to the side because I was just getting in the way and took a picture of them! So cool that the assistants just jumped up and started doing everything. I want to take them everywhere with me! 🙂

But most enjoyable of all, the group was great! I could not get them to shut up, they were talking so much. It was awesome. I loved it! They looked quite animated in their discussions and during brainstorming sessions gave super ideas.

We joined the pastors during lunch to listen to Luis Palau speak. It was quite an honor to meet him. He’s one of my mom’s Christian heroes. What an awesome time it was! That guy is fired up to evangelize for Christ. That just stirs up my heart!

I’m not used to talking so much. By the end of the day, my throat was sore! But I was so blessed in meeting so many people from so many churches. The person who came the farthest had travelled from Hong Kong!

4. We got to see my mom. We had a very nice dinner together at a restaurant. It was short but good to see her as we have not had time lately.

5. We got to see our friends the Lees. We used to hang out with them all the time but now it is hard to drive 100 miles to go invite yourself over to your friend’s house and hang out with them. So I am always thankful when we have the opportunity, short though it may be. Steven got me some software and we picked up a repaired computer and had a nice time chatting with them!

6. We got to check out a new Japanese store… in Union City of all places. I love Japanese store. They have the coolest stuff. I was particularly fascinated by all their bento boxes and organizational bins, folders, card holders… I could just be there all day! It was like a little date, wandering around with my hubby around the store and admiring the cool paper and items they had.

6. I got sleep! Finally, after 30 hours of being awake, I was finally able to doze off in the car! No more insomnia! Yay!!!

7. And we were happily reunited with our kids, who greeted us with open arms when we got home! We are also thankful for our friend Glen, who helps immensely in carting our kids around during times like this!

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