Crossing (the) Delaware

Good news… this week I finally finished my goal of crossing the first state in my efforts to “Walk Across America” with my pedometer. I have crossed the first state — Delaware! I started at the right and have now crossed at the left (symbol where the green people are hiking). It took me 20 days. Still no Google Street View though, so I don’t know what the location looks like.

Now onto Maryland! Yesterday I walked 6879 steps (2.6 miles) and have made a little bit of progress into Maryland. However, no street view pictures until I hit close to the green tent, in Denton, MD.

According to my spreadsheet, in the first 20 days I have walked:

• 130,400 steps

• 49.37 miles

• Average of 6,520 steps a day

• Average of 2.47 miles per day

Ok, I definitely have room to improve. Hopefully the numbers will go up!

However, I am much encouraged to be into Maryland now!

A Yee

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