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Day 26 • Halfway to the water

So my journey westward via pedometer continues.

The past few days of step counts have been all over the place, I’m afraid. A sample:

Day 22: 5989

Day 23: 7610

Day 24: 11,084 (Can you tell which days I work at church?)

Day 25: A measly 2325 steps. This was because Day 25 was taken up with over 9 hours of meetings. That’s a lot of sitting in one day.

And yesterday: 7738

I am now halfway across the east side of Maryland heading towards the water cutting down the center. According to the map, the water is the Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately my geographical knowledge of Maryland is quite dismal. This is sure a great way to learn!

Happy news… we are back in civilization with access to Google Street View! So let’s see the sights we have passed:

Day 22: We end the day at the beginning point of the street view photos appearing again. We are in Denton, Maryland. The photo below shows where the view starts, on Legion Road. It’s like finding the end of the rainbow, although backwards.

Day 23: We pass go through Denton. It’s got a cute main street, with little round white globe lights.

Then we pass a river of some kind. (It’s a bit annoying that I can’t figure out the name of the river. Google Maps doesn’t seem to name waterways very frequently.

Day 26: We come upon a cute little town called Ridgely. Well, that’s what the map says. The address says it’s still Denton. What a cute Victorian house! Ok, I think I have used up my quota of the word “cute” for today. Obviously this blog is written by a woman.

And now, alas, we are flying blind again. No more Street View as we continue on the journey…

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