Day 30 Update

Onto Day 30 of Walking Across America using my pedometer (March 13). I am still in Maryland.

On Day 27 I entered the Tuckahoe State Park. No Google Street View available for the park, but once I got out of the park and onto the main road, Street View returned so I could take a shot looking back into the state park.

Ok, this is not terribly impressive, I must say. Here’s a better shot without so much road.

Ooo, that’s even worse. But on the bottom view I switched to satellite view so you can see where I am, the little person in the upper left corner. Looking to the right, you can see lots of nice green patches. So I guess the state park must be nice and green and more appealing that the top shot of the bare patchy field.

Day 29 I travelled through an area without Street View, and then on Day 30 returned back to civilization!  I am on Starr Road, in some place called Centreville. It’s mostly land,with a house or two here and there. This is where I ended yesterday—lots and lots of fields nearby. I am struck by how big the United States is and how much land there is around our country!

Step count has been pretty dismal lately. Last two days have been 2624 and 2735 steps a day. This was due to my sitting at my desk a long time learning a video animation/effects program called Apple Motion. Perhaps I will post about that later…

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