more dinner experiments

I have had people tell me that they wish they could be with us for dinner when they hear about our dinnertime conversation and activities. Namely, a huge draw is that my husband plays with his food. Never mind that it’s a bad example. It’s all done in the name of science, such as performing physics experiments on baby carrots.

Well he was on a roll tonight. The experiment for the evening was trying to balance pieces of brie on a cracker on the tip of his finger. He actually did it quite easily.

Well, that was just waaaaayyyyy to easy, so it was time to bump it up another notch. How hard would it be to make an assymetrical piece of cheese stand up AND balance the cracker too?

Intense concentration…

Then the cheese flopped over, so he tried again… and… almost… there…

And then — success!!!

When he was done, he said, “And this just illustrates the importance of having a BALANCED diet!”

Ha ha. My husband is so funny. 🙂 Well, at least dinner is never boring!

A Yee

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