Days 31 & 32

Day 31 (Sunday)

Sundays are my high step count days, because I walk at church throughout the morning. Then in the evening my husband and I walked like 35 minutes in our neighborhood (approximately 3 laps around our neighborhood “block.” I almost hit 10,000 steps! I was at 9,699 and was running in place to try to get to 10,000. Then I got distracted and suddenly it was past midnight and my pedometer reset. Argh! Day 31 is the aqua line on the leftish side of the picture below. (Day 32 is the red to the left of that.)

So I ended up… in Centreville. The same place I have been the 2 days previously.  Either Centreville is a very large town in Maryland or it’s just what they call all the empty land that has nothing in it.

I suspect the latter, as my day ended up on a road looking like this:

This is looking back east at the road from which I came (because that road had no Street View so I couldn’t see what it looked like.) I turned a little bit for a better view:

Hmmm… not terribly more exciting. However, if I turn right 90 degrees to continue down the highway to get to my next intersection, here is what I see…

Aaaauuuuugh!!!! I am about to be run over by a truck!!!

It appears I am walking down the right side of the road. Ok, I guess the Google camera car was probably traveling north on this road. I am going the wrong direction.

However, south is the way my trail takes so I stubbornly continue until I come to the next street where I am to turn right. But it looks like a little path between some trees.

Wow. That does not look like a road at all. It looks like a driveway into someone’s house. Or maybe a little deer path, worn over time by creatures trekking back and forth between the trees.

Day 32 (Monday)

I continue on the path between the trees, er, road. And 7,215 steps later, I end up on another highway.

This picture was looking back at the little road-disguised-as-deer-path that I traveled on all day. I cross the major highway and head off into oblivion-land with no more photos again. But I can give you a sneak peek at how the end of that road looks (the one I will be walking on for Day 33):

Wow. I just cannot wait. The sights are quite thrilling.

So in all my days using my pedometer, I have come to a realization.

First, I have a very sedentary lifestyle.

Second, I haven’t figured out how to calculate my biking. I’m starting to bike to work again and every step counts! Never mind my work is only one block away, the equivalent of 2 minutes 45 seconds of biking. Every little bit counts!

So, I have resorted to cheating. I am really trying to get to 10,000 steps a day.

I have started to (speak in a low muttering voice out of the side of my mouth) … run in place.

I do look a bit ridiculous, trying to read my book while jogging around my kitchen, or jumping up and down when getting water from the fridge dispenser. But, it increases my step count, it gets my heart rate up and — the main reason — I am getting more exercise! So even though I suppose it’s kinda cheating, it works for me.

So there.

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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  1. Glen Nielsen - March 18, 2010

    I’m really glad you were not hit by the truck … I find it interesting that you are trying to get pedometer credits for biking … lastly, I do not think the running in place and especially the jumping is cheating … it actually works your body harder than a walk.

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