Days 33 & 34

Day 33 (Monday)

Things are looking up. 8,834 steps today… vast improvement over my usual sedentary under 5,000 steps. Today I ended up in Queenstown, MD. (Purple on the left of map below.)

I was on the Blue Star Memorial Hwy. Going down the wrong way again. Well, I guess it’s wrong way for driving but it’s the right way for walking because you’re supposed to walk facing the traffic. (Something I’m sure I learned in grade school but I have forgotten until today!)

Day 33 (Tuesday)

A slight detour off the highway onto the Main Street of Gransonville, a small town. I poked around on Satellite View but didn’t see a whole lot that looked terribly interesting. I suppose it is more interesting than walking on a major highway though. 8271 steps today, or 3.13 miles. My husband and I took a 40 minute walk in the evening, which added half of my daily steps!

These pictures are all starting to look a big similar… grey road with stripe down the middle. I guess that’s what happens when you take pictures from a car traveling down the road.

However, hope is ahead. I will soon cross the Chesapeake Bay and there will be other stuff to look at beside concrete and grass. There will be water!

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