Day 35

March 18, 2010 • Thursday

I broke 10,000 steps today! 10150 plus 5 min biking, so somewhere around 4 miles.

While I was out walking with my husband tonight, I imagined myself crossing a bridge over the Chesapeake Bay. Because that’s where my journey took me today. I crossed over the eastern side of the water to the Central Island That Has No Name. (I still find it odd that Google Maps doesn’t identify things like rivers and islands very easily.) The trail ends on the left in dark blue.

So here was the view on that short stretch of water I crossed over.

Blue! Lovely blue! Ahhhh…. so refreshing for the eyes! Sure beats all the concrete and grass I have been seeing.

After trekking along, I ended up in the town of Chester, MD, on Main Street. This is where I ended up. What an interesting view.

Well, that’s a new one. Grass growing ON the concrete. In a circle. Looks like a UFO that landed from outer space and tried to disguise itself with local foliage. You just never know what you’re going to see next.

It’s kinda funny I happened to end up on this exact spot today!

A Yee

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