Days 36-38: weird weather effects

Hooray! Finished another map! Now about one-third of the way through Maryland. I am now in Annapolis (red dot).

To get an overall view of where the map above fits into Maryland, it is shaded below in yellow.

I’ve still got a ways to go to walk all the way across the United States with my pedometer…

Day 36 (Friday)

8695 steps today. Ended up still traveling on the Blue Star Memorial Highway, but getting ready to head into the water. This is Stevensville, MD. The highway is lots of concrete, broken up by orange striped barrels. They kind of look like candles lighting the way.

Day 37 (Saturday)

A measly 4,140 steps, or 1.56 miles. This was because I spent most of the day backing up photos on my computer and my husband and I were tired and missed our nightly walk.

I am in the middle of the water today, heading east on the bridge. So here’s a funny thing. As I am walking west, this is how it looks like in Google Street View:

What a beautiful, sunny day!

However, if you just jump to the other side of the bridge heading the other direction and look back (so that both photos are facing east), this is what the view looks like:

Wow, weather sure changes quick in Maryland, doesn’t it?

Actually, it just shows the Google car took pictures on two different days as it headed in different directions. However, I thought it was quite amusing.

Day 38 (Sunday)

Sunday… high step counts due to church. But today was an all-time high, at 14,203 steps! This was because

1. I went to church. Lots of walking there.

2. Hubby and I went walking at night for 40 minutes.

3. I had to read a book for homework so I jogged in place while I read my book.

The same weather phenomena above appears on land as it does on sea. Here’s where I ended up. The map says I’m still in Stevensville, this time on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay. Here’s how it looks as I travel along the Blue Star Memorial Highway. Notice the McDonald’s on the left.

However, if I just hop that chain-link fence on the left side and get onto the frontage road, voila!

Same McDonalds. Different time-space continuum. Man, it sure is fun to make the weather change like that! I think I prefer the frontage road and will proceed merrily along it as I continue my trip tomorrow.

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