Food: From play to plate

Interesting how lately our food experiences have been so varied…


Albert bought some Japanese fish cake. (Tamaboko or something like that, he says.) His experimental engineering instincts took over and he couldn’t help trying out the elasticity of the fish cake. He flicked it with his finger and we watched it bounce back and forth in his fingers. Makes you wonder what all is in there, when it looks as springy as a piece of rubber.


Our family went out for ice cream for the first time in ages. We went to Baskin Robbins and enjoyed ice cream together. Everybody got a cup except for me. It’s the same price… makes sense to get a cone! You get more! Anyway, a cone tastes a whole lot better than a cup, I think. Not that I have ever tried to eat the cup…


Last night, Albert and I went to a Firehouse Restaurant with some out-of-town friends of his. As I posted on Twitter, you know you are in a fancy restaurant when you spend more time admiring the food than actually eating it.

This was an endive leaf with some kind of yummy green oil with yummy creamy cheese flavored with something or another and a candied walnut on top. (What descriptive details. I would never make it as a food writer.)

In all fairness, the restaurant gave us this appetizer free. It was delicious. So was the dinner. (Which was quite the opposite of free.)

The steak was so flavorful and smoky that it tasted better without the sauce!

And the dessert was very cute. I liked the striped little chocolate sticks.

Albert’s friend ordered a pyramid-shaped dessert made of yuzu. Never heard of it but apparently it is Japenese grapefruit. I just thought it was cool because

1) I had never seen a dessert in a pyramid before. You can’t see the pyramid too well, but it is a three-dimensional pyramid with bruleed meringue next to it.

2) They sure do a nice job with their plating of the food!


3) Any fruit with a y, a z, and two u’s in it has got to be interesting.

And here is a picture from yesterday too. This is not really a food picture but I’m sticking it here because we all did get a drink at Starbucks to fuel our brains.

I had to do a homework assignment for the leadership program I am in called asset mapping. I recruited my work buds, Glen and Keith, to help me. They were really good at generating brainstorming. There were papers everywhere.

Then they looked deep in thought.

It was all a sham. However, they are very good at following directions. I told them to look serious while I took a picture. They obliged.

The cool thing was that this exercise was a really fun way to plan and generate ideas. I will blog about it at a later time at my Visual Church Leader site.

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  1. Glen Nielsen - March 24, 2010

    Free or not, that appetizer is pathetic … hope it made up in taste what it lacked in stature. The steak, on the other hand, looks amazing.

    Regarding the so-called “sham” … we simply mustered our serious looks which had just been in play moments before … recreation of an event for realism’s sake is a noble endeavor.

  2. doubletkris - March 24, 2010

    I’m with Glen…what’s the point of fancy food if you are hungry afterwards? Now…if you come to my house for dinner someday, you’ll get full portions, tons of flavor, few added calories, and no serious debt. 🙂

  3. Angela Yee - March 24, 2010

    Wow! Sounds great! 🙂

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