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a most unusual birthday dinner

Today I am 43. Some people don’t like to say their age… I don’t really care. Albert says I am perpetually 39. So he said today I am 39 base 17. I guess that’s the equivalent of 43 if you count in base 17. Ha ha, my husband, he’s so funny. So fun to be married to an engineer. 🙂

Anyway, I knew today would be a busy day due to Easter services. So yesterday we had our small group over and had a very low-key pizza dinner. It was very nice and casual and very relaxing. In fact, I think half of us were falling asleep because we were so tired. I guess that must be a sign of getting old… Friday night… all tired (including myself). 🙂 But it was very nice to be with friends and I was very thankful.

So today was a lot of rushing around trying to get everything ready for our Easter services today. Unexpected things happening, had to improvise to make things work.

It didn’t feel like a birthday… most of the day I forgot it was my birthday. I did get a ton of shout-outs on Facebook from friends… that was super nice!

But to be honest I was feeling a bit stressed and did major flubs on the piano accompaniment tonight at our first Easter service, then stayed late afterwards fixing some things. The keyboard flub was due to a number of things on my mind that I had to attend to right before I had to play and also I messed up my secondary keyboard pretty badly during the service… couldn’t get my sounds back. The main keyboard guy couldn’t even fix it afterwards and we had to reboot the whole thing. It threw me for a loop so I lost my concentration. 🙁

However, I must say absolutely everyone else did a totally OUTSTANDING job for the Easter services. People brought up little sticky notes with prayers and afterwards I got to read and pray over them and felt honored to do so. It was cool to see how people are hungering for God and how God is working in people’s lives as well.

The original plan was my family was going to take me out for sushi for my birthday but because I got done so late and wasn’t in a celebrating mood, and also I had to go get office supplies before tomorrow’s services, we just stayed home. Finally Albert talked me to going to Target to get the office supplies and also pick up something for dinner. So while we were there I treated myself to a chai latte as a birthday drink. Then we wandered the aisles and Albert helped me pick out some food I really like to have for dinner.

So I know you will all think I am very strange, but I picked stuff that I never eat but totally love. We never eat it due to poor nutritional value. But that makes it a treat because we never eat it. And also, it was a very cheap dinner.


Chef Boyardee. I know. Not really your quality gourmet food. But I love this stuff! We haven’t eaten it in years… probably decades! Sigh… in such a frazzled state I didn’t even bother to clear out all the background clutter. Ah well.


Talk about unhealthy. Well at least we got the low sodium kind. I love spam. Some people think I’m crazy but I love this stuff. Good thing we never buy it except for sometimes when we are on vacation. That means last time we ate this was a couple years ago…

And then of course we needed veggies. So we got:

I love canned green beans. They remind me of camp food when I was a kid. Totally love canned green beans. We always buy fresh because we try to eat food fresh as much as possible to be healthy.

At the end, we polished it off with fresh pineapple. Ok, that was truly healthy.

So that was my birthday dinner. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the first time the kids had Chef Boyardee. They never even heard of it before and agreed it was quite yummy. Being with my family and eating yummy, cheap food cheered me up. I know God has blessed me very much. It was good to be reminded of that and be with my totally lovable family. 🙂

So passeth my 39th base 17 birthday.

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    Um, no dear…

    It was your 29th base 17 birthday, not 39th. If you were 39 base 17, you’d be 3*17 + 9 = 60 years old.

    *Sigh* Let’s just say that you have other strengths other than math…


    April 13, 2010 at 7:33 pm
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