Days 40-48

Whoa, am I behind! It’s been an incredibly busy week… I’ve realized I actually have very little discretionary time to myself during the week… most of my time seems to be occupied with sleeping (or trying to sleep, thanks to my sleep problems), working, and family. What time I have “to myself” gets squeezed out a minute here or there… Weekends are where I get to do more “fun stuff,” but last weekend was taken up by the women’s retreat, this weekend is taken up by Easter.

Plus it didn’t help that this week I lost my pedometer one day. Amazing how much my motivation to exercise plunged that day! Fortunately the next day I found it in the pocket of my sweater!

So here is my journey this past week or so… still making my way east across Maryland. Red dot is where I ended up.

Day 40

Trekked in Annapolis today, and ended up on Cedar Park Road at —what you do know— a church!

According to Google, it is the Iglesia Hispanic Emmanuel. How appropriate, the sun is even shining down from the roof.

Day 41

More walking across the city. Today I ended up at the Annapolis Mall Shopping Center.

Even from far away, I recognize that fuzzy red logo as Westfield Mall, as there was one in the Bay Area and one in Roseville where we used to live. Sorry to be such an opinionated designer, but for such a large chain, that logo needs serious updating! Ok, my husband says I’m a font snob. I agree.

Day 42

A high-step-count day today. 11,179 steps.

Looks like today I headed away from the city of Annapolis into more rural area. Crossed a dry-looking area and entered in a beautiful, lush green wood.

There is definitely a resemblance between this photo above and our backyard, which a year ago was lawn, but due to our sprinklers breaking and our neglect, has become overgrown by 3-foot high weeds. Thanks to all the rain we have been getting, our back yard is a gorgeous lush green too — but all weeds.

Day 43

More treking across beautiful green areas, but today along a freeway. However, as I turned around to face the correct direction, I appear to be to be mown over by a very intimidating dark truck. Wow, that thing looks fearsome.

It’s got a fuzzy red logo too. But I don’t recognize this one.

Day 44

I have entered a town called Bowie, in Maryland. I am sure this is not true of all of Bowie, but it just so happens that the intersection I end up at today happens to look like the the world’s most repaired road.

Here’s another view, from standing in the same location, to show you what I mean.

It brings another understanding to the term “recycle and reuse.”

Day 45

I logged a measly 3329 steps today, one of my “couch potato” days. That’s because it was my day off so I spent the day doing bills and catching up on stuff from being away all weekend.

I just traveled 1.26 miles further down the same road, Collington Road. Now here’s an interesting sight. Exhibit number one:

Notice the lighting and coloring of the above photo. Now if I just take one step forward, the picture changes to this:

Warm glowy feel compared to above. Interesting. This happens a couple times on the road. It’s a bit jarring.

But I continue, and end up by a little bit of water on the side of the road.

Maryland sure is a green place.

Day 46

Another mere 3805 steps or 2.01 miles. Now I am in High Bridges Estates. However I don’t see any estates. Just a big road.

Come to think of it, I seem to see a lot of big roads. And trees. Lots of trees.

Day 47

Well now I know why they call this place “estates.” Here’s a house by the side of the road where I ended today.

Whoa. That’s kind of a big house. Ok, I think that qualifies as an “estate” in my book.

Day 48

Varied sights today. I made 10,954 steps! Hooray! Broke 10,000. It sure is hard for me to do t hat.

The map says “High Bridge Estates” but today I pass this house:

So either 1) we are not in the estates any more or 2) this house is awfully big in back but looks tiny in front or 3) this house is masquerading as an estate even though it’s kind of tiny. But it sure is awfully cute! What a darling house!

Then I walk along the road and cross a cool-looking bridge with golden glowing lights.

More big houses, more small houses, a small town-ish looking road, and I end up in the boonies again. Or, according to the map, just outside of Bowie. (Or maybe this IS Bowie.)

And that is how my week went…

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