Days 49 & 50

Day 49 (April 2)

Friday… usually my day off but a full work day due to Easter services coming up. Spent the whole time prepping for Easter services, so I was able to get in 8285 steps today, or 3.13 miles.

Today I ended up on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, Hwy 295. Er, actually, I ended up under it. The street I was one goes underneath the bridge. Wow, that’s a pretty nice lawn on each side. Their landscaping costs must be quite expensive!

Day 50 (Saturday April 3)

My birthday! Another full day of work… lots of walking around cleaning up, setting up the stage, getting ready for services, etc.

My steps today took me along a green, scenic route… scenic in the sense that there was greenery around. Forest on one side, field on the other. Not too much exciting stuff, but there sure were a lot of cars on this road as I clicked along to explore.

So here is where I ended up:

Still in Maryland. Plodding along. Slowly…. I…. will…. walk…. across… America.

Hopefully sometime within a decade.

A Yee

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