Birthday at Mikuni's

We decided that for my birthday, as a family, we would go out to have sushi at Mikuni’s.

However, the first night we planned to do it, I was all stressed out and didn’t want to go.

The next day we went there… but it was Easter, and it was closed for Easter.

So today Albert came home a little early from work, and since the kids were off on break, we got to finally get some sushi!

Megan got to order her absolute favorite — ramen. I could not believe such a little girl could eat such a big bowl of noodles. The bowl was bigger than her head.

But she ate the whole thing!!! How is that possible???

Mikuni’s usually has a birthday wheel you can spin, but the one in Davis doesn’t. Instead they play a card game where you can get different gifts depending on what number you pick. The highest is two aces, where you get a $100 gift certificate! Guess what I picked for the first card?

However, I have never been lucky… I overshot and got the lowest prize. But I’m not complaining! We got a piece of strawberry mochi ice cream, split four ways. That was a tiny bite but it sure was yummy.

But because it was my birthday, we got a free dessert! Xango cheesecake, which is deep fried.

It was totally delicious. While we enjoyed dessert, Albert and Daniel calculated the odds of getting two aces to win the $100 gift certificate. They decided the odds were 1 in 350 for every person who played. Somehow Daniel calculated that the cost to Mikuni would be 35 cents a player given those odds. Not sure how he got that number, as by my mind tunes out when it comes to numbers. I just go, “Yes, dear.”

After that, the waiter took a very nice picture of our family. (Well, as nice as could be expected from a phone camera!)

Afterwards I thought it was funny how we all kind of matched each other, like we had picked our outfits for the picture!

Thus ends my birthday weekend… full of many blessings!

A Yee

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  1. Glen Nielsen - April 6, 2010

    San leaz quiet lo!

  2. Glen Nielsen - April 6, 2010

    San leaz quiet lo!

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