Days 51-54

Still plodding eastward through Maryland. I am not a prolific walker. At this rate, it’s going to take thousands of days to get across the United States!

Day 51 (Apr 4)

9639 steps. Today I cut through a greenbelt park of some sort. There’s no Google Street View for parks, but I poked around and found this ranger station in the park. Guess it must be a pretty big park then!

Day 52 (April 5)

A mere 3364 steps, 1.27 mile. Only made it down the road from the park and stopped where I am about to deviate off the road and trek along a stream. Or, at least, there’s supposed to be a stream. It actually looks like this:

If there’s a stream or river, it is hiding behind that big clump of trees.

Day 53 (April 6)

There is a stream! Trekked all along the stream today. I passed an area that looked like this. It’s kind of pretty!

You can see the little stream peeking out.

Another view. I would be walking along those rocks there:

And here’s where I ended up… along the grass there. A nice pleasant stroll today!

Day 54 (April 7)

7019 steps, 2.65 miles.  I continued following the stream. This would actually be a nice view if I deleted the stained concrete road.

Then turned off and headed down a cute little neighborhood. It’s called Chilium or something. Love the pretty flowering trees. On the right is the campus of the De La Salle college. It’s the brown triangle on the map below. Wow, the college doesn’t even have a web site or anything. Dark ages.

Well, walking along a stream sure beats pounding concrete all the time. These past few days have seemed to be a very pleasant walk! I just have to figure out how to increase my step count every day.

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