2 geeks in a pod

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that even though I am a graphic designer and find great delight in color and beauty, that I am also a geek at heart. I also married an engineer husband. So we are geeks together. Plus we have two kids, who also are quite geeky.

A few days ago when I was in Seattle, my husband texted me:

We are such a geeky family. Tonight’s dinner conversation: the equation of a circle when it is not centered at (0,0)!

I got a kick out of that and told my friends. One of them said, “That’s not my family. My family dinner conversation is burping.”‘

Because I am geeky, I find various equipment fascinating. Yesterday when I was at the Seattle-Tacoma airport waiting for my flight, I saw these chairs.

Now that is cool: outlets for power and USB! Also very funny that someone’s backpack just matched the chairs!

I was very happy to have a safe trip home. After I got home, Albert and I went on a date to our favorite hangout… Target. That’s because it’s like 2 blocks from our house (8 minutes’ walk) and they have a Starbucks! After getting our drinks and talking, we walked around the store. We saw a chocolate fountain.

I was a bit puzzled by the box and asked, “Why does the chocolate fall inward?”

My engineer husband instantly said, “Surface tension,” and went on to explain how one side had greater tension than the other and therefore instead of falling straight like a waterfall, it fell inward. I learn all sorts of interesting things from him!

And then of course I had to take a picture of him next to the cutest coffee maker I have ever seen. It was so tiny and darling! My hubby humored me since I needed him for scale.

Even though we are an engineer married to a graphic designer, it is actually interesting how similar our views are, as he appreciates good design as well. However, he’s definition function over form and I’m form over function. That’s why I look at the coffee maker and comment on how cute it is, while he looks at the cup marks to see the capacity and practicality of the tool. I guess that way we get all the bases covered! đŸ™‚

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. Kristin - April 16, 2010

    You guys are just too cute!

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