Days 55-60

Day 55


Today I ended at the Keene Recreation Center in Washington DC. Hey! I’m in DC!!! I didn’t even know because according to Google maps it says I’m in Mount Rainier.

Day 56


10,919 steps today! Yay! I spent most of the day tromping through the city. You’d never know, looking at the picture of where I ended up.

It looks like I’m going through a national park or something. The map says it’s Rock Creek Park. Beautiful!

Day 57


This area sure is a study in contrasts. 3.91 miles later today (10,326 steps), this is what the view looks like.

On the other side of the street, it looks like this:

From all green to no green!

I accidentally clicked on the road above, and just one click away, traveling down the same road, the scene suddenly looks like this.

It’s a bit disorienting. Perhaps they were trying to get both levels at once. But it does feel like I’ve gone through a time warp or something.

Day 58


Today I walked 9799 steps or 3.71 miles. Got to see lots of sights in Washington DC. Like, Georgetown  University, just a little ways down from where I ended yesterday.

Lots of walking through town, and then back to an idyllic scene. DC appears to have lots of green areas by the river. I wonder if I will see any of this in July when I go out there to teach a workshop at a conference.

Day 60


This sure is a beautiful area! 9294 steps or 3.52 miles from yesterday, I am in Potomac. Everything is so lush and beautiful out here.

The picture even has a soft focus look! I think I could walk along here for a very long time.

Ok, my map has run out of room. Must make another one. Maryland is taking quite a while to trek through!

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