Homemade potsticker making

My mom is an amazing cook. She knows how to make her own tofu, sausage, wine, and just about everything else. But one of my all-time favorite foods that she makes is potstickers. Store-bought potstickers just aren’t the same.

Today when I got back home from church, she had already started making some. I helped her and soon the whole family joined in. But after the family joined in I lost my job making potstickers because there was not enough room so I took advantage of it and took pictures (since I am the family photographic chronicler and take my job seriously).

Megan cut the dough into little balls and rolled them up.

My mom took the balls and rolled them flat.

This demonstrates the technique. One hand uses the rolling pin while the other rotates the dough in a circle so it is even all the way around. Much faster than using both handles.

Daniel put in the filling.

The filling was a combination of ground pork, cabbage, onion and seasonings.

Here he is demonstrating that you put a bit of filling in the middle. He had to hold this up a long time while I used manual focus as my auto focus doesn’t appear to work on my 35 mm lens.

Then you pinch the edges together.

You’re supposed to pleat one side so they have a curvy look, as demonstrated in this picture.

Interesting how the picture above is auto settings and the picture below is manual settings and the color is so different. The color was actually closer in the picture below, even though it does look a bit yellowish. These are the potstickers I made.

Since this was Daniel’s first time, his turned out looking like little lumps. But they were so cute!

Albert got mixed results but wanted me to take a picture anyway.

Actually, when you boil them it really doesn’t matter how they look because they all turn into misshapen lumps anyway. Appearance only matters if you pan fry them because they maintain their shape. My favorite method is boiling. More healthy and more flavorful.

I forgot to take a picture of the cooked ones because after they were cooked, I was ready to eat!

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