Days 61-65

Onto a new map! The yellow area is the detailed map below.

I’m already halfway through this detailed section!

Day 61 • 4.14.10

9727 steps, 3.68 miles. I walked by an impressive house today.

That can’t be too cheap. Wonder what housing prices out in Maryland are? The path actually goes right along the river, but since there is no street view by the river, I picked the next closes street. This is where I ended today.

Day 62 • 4.15.10

8100 steps, 3.06 miles. Well, I can’t say the view is too terribly exciting from here on out. It must be nice walking along the river but the view from the road a ways away is not too terribly impressive. I’m sure this must look beautiful when everything is in bloom. Looks like they took these pictures in fall or winter.

Day 63 • 4.16.10

10,690 steps, 4.90 miles. Yay! Broke the 10,000 barrier! Hooray! However, the view has not changed too much. More trees. But now there is a little grass. Oooh! Aaaah! Very exciting.

Day 64 • 4.17.10

6547 steps, 2.47 miles. Now it actually gets a little hilly. Even more exciting. Variety is the spice of life.

Day 65 • 4.18.10

8780 steps, 3.31 miles

I’m supposed to be along the green patch along the river. But this road was a ways out. No river in sight. In fact, just about nothing is in sight. It almost looks like Kansas.

So thus ends my step travels of the last few days… not exciting but sure beats seeing nothing but concrete!

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