An "—est ever" kind of trip

Today (Friday) my husband and I headed out for a weekend away late birthday celebration! I brought my nice camera to take pictures but I forgot my camera cable to transfer pictures! Doh! So for now I will post samplings of my iPhone pictures and then do a detailed photo blog when I get home.

So here are a few. Right now we are staying the coolest room ever! (Well at least the coolest room we have ever stayed in.)

And the room has the coolest bathroom ever.

Then we went out and saw a Nob Hill store with the oddest supermarket sculpture I have ever seen — a beach ball made of mosaic tiles.

We tried to checkout Redbox videos but the selection was kind of dismal. So tonight we watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

We also stopped by the most amazing bakery ever. This was only one side of it. The other side had a deli. There was another area with drinks. There was in indoors eating area and an outdoor patio area.

And inside was one of the cutest cakes ever!

Ok, there are a lot of other cute cakes out there, but I just had to stay consistent with the theme. 🙂

Since we were stuck in really bad traffic coming down, we got here late and as a result didn’t have time for a nice sit-down dinner because we wanted to watch movies. So, we ate a la carte there. Two yummy plates of food, including tri-tip, broccoli salad, warm polenta casserole, beets and asparagus. And for the two of us the total only came out to $17. That has got to be one of the cheapest dinners we have ever had on our weekends out!

These are just a small sampling of photos. I’ll go into more detail once I get home and can unload the photos.

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  1. Glen Nielsen - April 24, 2010

    Looking forward to the pics w/the new lens! Curious where you’re staying … impressive accommodations … so glad you guys made it to Gayle’s Bakery … it is an amazing place! Hope you have a blast this weekend … Happy Birthday (again) 🙂

  2. Kristin - April 26, 2010

    Love the new header on your blog! This trip looks like fun 🙂

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