A capital weekend at Capitola – Part 2

In my previous post I talked about where we my husband and I stayed in Capitola. Although we did hang around the bed and breakfast to eat and watch movies, we also spent a bit of time around town walking. It’s not a very small town but what is funny that we only explored one side and it wasn’t until later that we went down the other side of the street and discovered an entire downtown-ish area (I guess it is called the Esplanade), with tons of shops! Oops. Ah well, we will go there for our next visit.

Anyway, what was good was the side of town we were on didn’t have as many people. The esplanade was packed with crowds of people and cars backed up everywhere. Perhaps it is good that we avoided that, given my hubby’s great love of quietness and few people around.

Capitola is a cool place. There are lots of flowers everywhere. I couldn’t figure out what kind of flower this is. Anyone know? They look like little claws.

These were kind of interesting too. I think I have seen them before but I don’t know what they are called. I imagined they were little mouths all opening and going, “Feed me! Feed me!”

Albert and I thought this was a cool house. Definitely not a type of house you would see very often in Davis.

One of the places we went to was the Nob Hill Foods shop to get videos. Here’s a closer view of the odd beach-ball structure right in front of the store, all made of mosaic.

We happened a few blocks down at a yarn store. Sadly, it is closing. There was not much left but I did like all the pretty yarns they had. I guess Friday is it’s last day. All the yarn was 70% off. I got some yarn, plus a very complicated pattern for a shawl that involves making lacy knitting with beads. Looks like a lot of work. Figures that I would bypass all the easy stuff and go for something hard. 🙂

We also went to Shadowbrook Restaurant for dinner. We went there like 15 years ago. I honestly have no idea if it changed or not because I don’t remember!

However, I did remember the cool little tram they have because the restaurant is at the bottom of the hill in relationship to the parking lot.

We walked down to the restaurant but at the end I wanted to go up in the tram just because it would be fun. (It was probably faster to walk up because we had to wait a long time!) This picture of the track from the bottom gives an idea of how steep the hill is.

Actually, walking up and down the steps is quite pleasant. It is quite beautiful and lush. They do a good job with keeping the place kind of jungle-feeling.

Albert took a picture of me at the top near the entrance. My husband has photography skillz too! He just doesn’t know it. He takes a picture, hands the camera back to me and says, “Well, at least I didn’t bulls-eye you.”

Our waiter was super nice. (I wrote about the food during the dinner in another post.) At the end, he brought out a sundae for me and sang happy birthday by himself. At first I thought, wow, he’s pretty brave to sing by himself. Then I found out — he has pipes! Sounded almost like an opera singer!

It was a very nice birthday dinner celebration! (3 weeks after my birthday — I guess I should just celebrate all month!)

By far our favorite hangout was Gayle’s Bakery, just a few blocks down from our bed and breakfast. This is the only photo on this post taken with my iPhone. Quite impressive, that phone is.

As I mentioned in my other post, this bakery is amazing. Rows and rows of baked goods, all so beautiful and tasty-looking!

Their eclairs were soooo good! Next door are their neighbors, pots de creme or something like that. I never was good at names.

Even this chocolate cake looks so smooth and irresistable. Makes you want to put a big handprint, right in the middle.

I couldn’t believe how shiny the strawberries on this cake looked. They practically looked like they are dripping in sweetness.

These tarts were good too. There were two options — cream cheese or pastry cream.

Since I used to decorate cakes, I also enjoyed sneaking a peek at their wedding cakes. This is a work of art with fondant. (The glare is because it was in the fridge.)

But what is amazing about this place is that not only is it about baked goods, but they have an amazing deli area! Sandwiches, hot food, salads… it all looked so good!

(I did feel a bit silly taking pictures of all the food, but figured people would just roll their eyes, say, “Japanese tourist!” and go about their business.)

We picked up some treats for the kids and then headed home. It was an awesome weekend. I thank God and feel so incredibly blessed by His goodness!

And now I think I will eat vegetables and water the rest of the week to make up for all the bad food I ate this weekend!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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