Cheap way to organize spools of thread

After a refreshing weekend away, I came back with new motivation to get my house in order. One little item that was bugging me was my thread box. This is how it looked:

I know there are ways of organizing thread that can cost more, such as a sewing basket, or a nice spool rack. But, since sewing is no longer my primary hobby, I can’t justify spending money on something really nice. Plus, I’m cheap. And I just spent a bunch of money on yarn so I’m trying to keep my allowance from going bankrupt.

Since I already had this box, I decided I would just use it. It is a super cheap way to organize thread. The box is from IKEA and it is called “Samla” and it is only $1.50. The lid is another 50 cents. It is just the perfect size to lay down a few rolls of thread on the bottom. I tried to group them by color.

Here’s a side view. Rows of neatly organized thread spools just make my heart pitter patter.

Now for the next layer. I just found a box that used to hold note cards and used that to create another layer of thread. You can use any flat box that will fit inside. This one just happened to fit exactly side by side. Left side was more pastel colors. Right side was neutrals (later I moved the grey spools to the right.)

These lie quite neatly inside the plastic box.

Then I toss in my pincushion with needles.

Not shown: I also have a Ziploc bag of my bobbins, which I tossed into the box as well.

Total cost: $2.

What is so great about this solution is that I can just get the box from the shelf any time I need to do mending. If I add a pair of scissors, the entire box is self-contained and an awesome mending kit!

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  • Reply Glen Nielsen

    oh man I know EXACTLY what you mean … nothing fires me up like rearranging and reordering my thread box. What could be as irritating as having all those little spools of thread & bobbins out of place & out of order! If only I didn’t run into those dreaded 404 no file found errors on EVERY link I hit … nearly as irritating as a bobbin out of place … or a thread color out of alphabetical order … PLEASE fix it soon so I too can be inspired by the wonder and awe of your thread organization in digital color … thank you.

    September 12, 2010 at 5:55 pm
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