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Tea with sis

My sister Corrie took me out for my birthday today, 27 days after my actual birthday. This was due to the fact that our schedules seem almost impossible to align. It is very sad she lives 1 mile from my house and I feel like I hardly see her because our schedules are like 6 or 8 hours off from each other! In fact, today as we were heading to tea before lunch, when I calculated how long she had been awake, I said, “This time is about 6 pm my time!”

We went to A Dash of Panache in Roseville. We went there a very long time ago. I had totally forgotten the teahouse was there!

We were early so we hung out about half an hour talking. Topics: blogging, HTML/CSS, video embedding, flickr and dropbox photo storage options, pocket video recording and photo book publishing. So nice to have a sister just as geeky as me. 🙂

I brought along my Nikon D50 SLR camera to take pictures. Unfortunately the lighting was quite low in there. I shot in RAW and had to post process them quite a bit. Even after, the colors are somewhat flat. But it should give an idea. (These were all shot at ISO 1600, f2.8 at 1/60 sec.)

One of the things I love about teas is how everything is so cute. They had itty bitty bowls for sugar and lemon. There was also a 3-minute timer to tell you when to take the tea out of the pot. Of course, Corrie and I got so caught up in talking that the second time around we totally forgot and let it steep an extra 5 minutes just for extra measure.

The first course was a breakfast tray. According to the person there, it was a handmade lemon scone with handmade lemon curd and handmade whipped cream with a handmade cinnamon bun. I sense a recurring theme here.

Next came the tea sandwiches. Open-faced cucumber sandwich on sourdough (which wasn’t very sour — a good thing, because I don’t like sourdough!), turkey, swiss and pesto sandwiches, and egg and dill sandwich (my favorite!). Also, savory crackers with hummus. Very mild and creamy.

Then salad (sweet with candied pecans and a cheese I forgot), quiche, and um… some kind of orange-colored soup. I can’t remember what kind it was. It sure was delicious.

Here’s a closer picture. Not that it helps me identify what kind of soup it is.

Just for good measure, I also took a picture on my iPhone camera to compare. This was almost exactly how it looked with hardly any processing at all. Not bad for a little phone. The colors are definitely more flat, but considering in the photo above I had to change the exposure, brightness, fill light, temperature, AND tint after taking the picture with manual setting (the auto-settings couldn’t even handle the low light), I must say the iPhone camera wins hand down for ease of use and quality considering what you’re using!

After that, the dessert. They brought this out and sang happy birthday to me. I think that’s the last time this is going to happen this month. (It’s the last day of the month.) This picture was also taken on my iPhone.

Here’s the picture from my Nikon SLR. (After processing.) Pineapple (super sweet!) with whipped cream, a brownie, cream puff with ice cream and hot fudge, and lemon ice sorbet (delicious!).

We were stuffed full. I had no idea we were going to have so much food! Plus we had all that tea to drink. Here’s Corrie with her tea. She got English breakfast.

I got ciao amaretto (supposedly almond with cherry, but I couldn’t taste any almond).

What is funny is that we were tweeting about our meal as we were eating it. Such an interesting contrast between Corrie’s tweets and mine.


Meanwhile, this is all I posted:

Dead giveaway which one of us does a better job describing food.

Good thing Corrie’s so detailed. The mystery soup has been named. It was a tomato bisque. Also I have now discovered that was a veggie quiche and the salad dressing was mushroom wine vinaigrette. Wow, I totally missed all that. I think I was just amazed at the copious amounts of food and wondering how it was all going to fit in my stomach!

We had a great time together. Thanks, Corrie!

On the way back to the car, I saw some flowers on a door and couldn’t help take a picture… I love flowers!

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  • Reply corriespondent

    I still feel stuffed!! That was really fun – hopefully some tea places will stay open nearby so that we can keep up this tradition!!

    May 1, 2010 at 3:35 am
  • Reply Angela Yee

    I hope so too! 🙂

    May 10, 2010 at 2:13 pm
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