Office transformation: The easy way to hang pictures

I have been thinking about how to improve my blog and I think one of the things I want to do is to post on here more things I am learning, or tips on doing stuff. After all, I’m sure everyone is dying to read about my ho-hum life but it would be a lot more interesting to learn stuff, I would think. 🙂

So one of my friends at work is Matt. Matt is a highly creative type and his office always has a…um… lived in look. Like the rest of us before the Painting Era began, his office walls were all white.

Since everyone seems to like to meet in my office now (according to Matt), he wanted to make his office more welcoming too. (Click here to see my office transformation. The before pictures show how our offices look before painting.)

So Matt painted his office and it looks amazing now! (What I can’t figure out is how I had 3 people painting my office and it took us like 6 hours, but Matt did his all on his own when I wasn’t looking and it was suddenly done!)

Matt asked for help on what to do about hanging pictures on the wall. I like assymetrical arrangements, so first I started laying out the pictures on the floor.

Then after they were laid out, Matt cut out pieces of paper over the items to the exact size. He even added fake items on his shelf.

He taped the papers on the wall. (The guys told him his shelf looked like a battleship.)

Taping it to the wall was really useful because you can move the papers around to the exact place you want them to be. After that, then you just nail everything up.

Here’s Matt in his amazing looking office. (Notice how his shirt even matches the furniture! Now THAT’S color coordinated!)

It’s not quite done… still needs some pictures and he got some baskets and such, and he is going to get a vase with grasses for the shelf. But what an amazing transformation! I wish I had some before pictures to show you.

And tonight I saw Matt making spreadsheets and being organized and planning stuff months in advance! What happened to him! He’s been transformed too! I am really really impressed. So cool to see all of this… now I think his office will be the new meeting place!

A Yee

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  1. Matt - May 2, 2010

    I am indeed transformed! thanks for all your help Angela!

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