Incompetent cook

Usually I plan ahead and do a pretty good job of following directions and being productive.

Not so on Monday as I was cooking.

Here are the tweets I posted:

14:56 found out mystery beans i put in slow cooker are fava beans & u are supposed to shell them and remove wax. Oops. Threw the whole thing in.

14:58 Oops you’re supposed to cook fava beans to avoid allergic reaction. Ate some raw. Obviously an act first, think later type of person today.

17:41 is not very good at reading. bought box of couscous & when i dumped it in the pot to cook realized it was actually rice.

17:45 heard sizzling on stove… water evaporated because i didn’t cover it. now we are having fried rice pilaf for dinner instead.

We got the fava beans from a veggie delivery service we were trying out. My husband said, “What are these huge oversized green beans?”

I didn’t know. I didn’t even know what they were called. But my recipe in the slow cooker called for green beans so I chopped them up and threw them all in.

As I was cooking, the phrase “fava bean” came to mind, so I went to look online, and sure enough, that’s what they were! Then I read the instructions and realized I went about it all wrong.

I tried to shell them and cook them and they looked like this:

Okay, that just looks totally unappetizing. Unfortunately I forgot to take the waxy skins off so we had to peel them away. The inside is very soft and yummy. But overall, my impression is that fava beans sure take up a lot of room, require work and produce very little result or edible bits.

As to the couscous, well, the box looked like the couscous boxes, and it was on the same shelf section as all the couscous. But as I dumped it into the boiling water, I thought, hmmm, that is the most oddest-shaped couscous I have ever seen! That kind of looks like rice!

Then I looked at the box. It said “Rice Pilaf.” I guess I thought it was rice pilaf flavored couscous. But no, it was real rice!

In the end, everyone liked the dinner and no one made comments about the disasters. My forgiving, loving family!

Today, however, things went well and during the morning as I was rushing around doing work and getting ready for work, I whipped up some enchiladas.

We didn’t have green salsa or swiss cheese, so I just used red salsa and swiss cheese. And I accidentally didn’t read the directions right and put all the sauce on the bottom of the pan instead of just half. So I had to make more. But all in all, they turned out not bad!

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  1. Kristin - May 20, 2010

    Oh Angela, you make me laugh!

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