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A wonderful free tool that I have started using to organize information is called Evernote. (I especially love it because it’s free!)

Evernote is a great place to store information, web clippings, reference pictures, etc. You can even take a picture with your computer camera and store it!

You download the application to your computer and save it. It starts up very quickly. There is even a little clipping button you can add to your web browser (I use Safari for Mac). When I come across a website that has information that I want to save, I just click the button and — voila! Instant note saved away!

You can create folders for different categories, and say whether you want these to sync to the server or just reside on your hard drive. If you sync to the server, you can read it on your cell phone using the Evernote app. (Well, at least there is one for iPhone. I don’t know if there are ones for other phones.)

Tonight I was searching online for diabetic snacks, as my blood sugar count has been borderline high and I am trying to eat more healthily. As I found information, I pasted it into a new note.

After I synced it on my computer, I then went to my iPhone, and sure enough — the list of my notes was all there!

When I tapped on the first note, I could see the entire list I had pasted in. Very cool — because I can just go to the grocery store and look at my phone!

Evernote has been great for all sorts of random information. I store knitting patterns I find online. It even saves the original URL so that I can refer back to the original website.

I have folders that store:

  • Notes I take from books I am reading
  • Trip ideas (we like to go to Bed & Breakfasts)
  • Ideas for church
  • Cool website tools I want to check out later
  • Project ideas

It’s really a great tool — amazing what you can get for free!

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