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Blood sugar update and funny story

Yesterday I got back the results of my A1C test. This is the test that measures the long term “memory” of your blood sugar.

Normal range is 3.9 – 5.9%.

Mine was 5.8. I just barely squeaked by.

Doctor said it’s on the high side of normal and recommends low-sugar diet and another test in 6 months.

Meanwhile, I have been tracking my levels on my little meter. Last week it got up to 171. I read online that normal levels in random testing should be 70-125. Another site says 70-150. But lately with my cutting sugar out, even when I eat carbohydrates I’ve been hitting 85- less than 120 after meals, which is super encouraging!

In fact, today Daniel and I went out for Pho (Vietnamese noodles) for our mother-son date. It’s mostly soup, maybe a cup of noodles in there, but afterwards my levels were at 111. That means I can eat pasta! Yay! As long as I eat everything in moderation, I can pretty much eat any carbs, but I just need to avoid sugar as much as possible.

Daniel got extra large. I got small. It was quite a marked difference in size of dish:

We had a very nice date together. It is so nice to have a mature, sharp 15-year-old son that I can have healthy discussions with!

Afterwards I went up to pay and the lady who processed our bill said to me, “So did you have a nice time hanging out with your brother?’

I looked around. The only person standing next to me was Daniel. I pointed to Daniel and said, “You mean him?”

She said, “Yes.”

I said, “He’s my son.”

Her mouth fell open and her eyes got really wide. She said, “You look so young!”

When I told her how old I was, then her eyes got even wider. She was very embarrassed. But I told her thank you and that she made my day!

Then Daniel and I headed over to the library. We talked while browsing books. After a while he saw I was holding 4 or 5 books so he took them from me and said, “I am the dumb grunt labor! I will hold them for you!”

I love my son!

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