Finale concert and mini miracle

Boy am I waaaaaay behind in blogging. It has been an incredibly busy week! All my time was pretty much taken up with mostly work and family. No time for blogging. I knew that I had fallen behind when within two days, two of my work buds mentioned my blogs had disappeared lately. (its nice to know someone actually read these things! :-)) So now I am catching up…

Wednesday was the Junior High Finale Concert, with all the orchestras playing together. Megan, as concertmistress, was supposed to lead the rehearsal. She also had a solo to play.

But Wednesday morning I heard her weakly calling from her bed. She had a blazing fever and felt nauseous and like she was going to throw up. She could barely get out of bed. She had not been able to sleep well due to nerves and also this past week had been sleeping a lot — perhaps fighting off something. When she doesn’t get enough sleep, she gets these random fevers and illnesses very easily. I went to get some Tylenol and then prayed for her.

Within 3 minutes, she walked downstairs and said, “Mommy, the prayer worked! I feel fine!” I felt her and her fever had gone down! She was no longer nauseous and no longer felt like throwing up!

I made her lie down and she skipped school and lay there all day sleeping. Her fever was still there but it was much downgraded from earlier in the day. It was so cool — a huge faith booster! What was even more cool was that morning before Megan woke up, I had read in Acts about all the amazing things the Spirit was doing and I prayed that God would help me see more of the power of His Spirit at work. Wow! So very cool.

So that evening, even though Megan was not feeling 100%, she was able to play at the concert. Here she is, coming out to the stage!

The first song the Advanced Orchestra played was “Sunshine of Your Love,” a rock song arranged for orchestra. However, the conductor honored the roots of the song by adorning his head.

The orchestra members also got into the spirit by putting on sunglasses.

The last song was Russian Easter Overture, where Megan had her solo. She did awesome!

We were all very thankful she was able to play at all! Her orchestra friends were all super encouraging too. The conductors congratulated her and that was the end of a great concert!

Then afterwards she came home and crashed. The next morning, she woke up… totally fine! I think it was a 24 hour bug.

No more concerts until we head off to Europe for touring with the Sacramento Youth Symphony!

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  • Reply Leslie

    That is so cool you are going to Europe!! What places are you going? Do you have a video of Megan playing? I’ve never heard her except the one time we went to your house in 2007.

    June 10, 2010 at 4:51 pm
    • Reply Angela Yee

      We are going to Vienna, Salzburg and Prague. I think we might have a video but I will need to post one!

      June 10, 2010 at 10:07 pm

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