Children, chickens, and chuckles

When I was growing up, my parents planted churches so I always helped teach Sunday school. I also did babysitting. I also taught kids how to play the piano.

All those experiences were very tiring. As I grew older, I decided children’s ministry was not my thing. I have not served in children’s ministry for 28 years.

Until 2 Sundays ago.

A teacher called in sick. All substitute teachers were not available. So I said I would help out.

I taught 4 Kindergarteners. It went fairly well. But afterwards I was exhausted. It’s really amazing I survived being a stay-at-home mom for all those years. I love my kids but motherhood does not come naturally.

This past week, I babysat my nephew Steven. It was a far different experience.

For one thing, I think Steven is the Easiest Kid in the World.

For another, it was only about an hour. So we read books and played puzzles.

Corrie also has some really big chickens wandering around. It was fun to watch them together.

One came right to the window and looked at Steven in the face. It must have been hungry or something.

Then it was time for bed. When I said it was time to brush teeth, Steven ran to the bathroom and opened his mouth to let me brush. When we were done, he pointed to the toothpaste that I had accidentally left on the sink and he wanted me to put it back in the cup where it belonged.

After getting his diaper changed, he turned on the noise machine himself, let me pray and sing to him, and then I put him in the crib. He said, “Cwose doh” (close door) and then gave a little giggle and lay down on his bed.

When I went out to work on my computer until Corrie came home, I heard him singing to himself, and he eventually fell asleep.

Wow. What an amazing experience.

A Yee

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  1. corriespondent - May 31, 2010

    Feel free to babysit Steven anytime! 🙂

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