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Well it has been a dismally long time since I have posted anything… due to an incredibly busy week last week and this one. We had a big church annual celebration that took up a lot of time and this week I have been playing catch-up. 28 hours overtime last week + 18 hour day this week = now I am feeling like I am fighting off a cold. Woke up with a sore throat, but went back to sleep and felt a little better this morning.

Best of all, Albert is coming home from his business trip! When he is gone I just work and stay up late and don’t do a very good job of being disciplined. But when he comes home all is well with the world. 🙂

Anyway, today was my first day off in ages and it was wonderful. The kids and I went out to have Vietnamese pho for lunch. The same lady who waited on last time and asked me if I was Daniel’s sister remembered us. (I suppose she was probably terribly embarrassed so our faces were embedded in her memory!) She looked at Megan and said, “You have a daughter too?”

The lunch was a celebration of the end of the year — the kids ended yesterday! Both kids did great. Daniel got over 95% in every class. Don’t know about Megan’s yet but she did well too. And even though she injured her thumb and had a hard time playing violin, it is healing… just in time for us to go to Europe next week!

The kids commented about our diet after Albert left. Due to his being gone and my working so much, we just pretty much scrambled for food.

Day 1: Carls Jr.

Day 2: Ramen packs the kids bought at Target and came home and cooked. (They were so happy to have ramen. Special treat with Daddy gone!)

Day 3 (today): Pho.

But then I was able to go food shopping and cook dinner — yay! (In all fairness, I did make tuna/egg salad for lunch!)

Then haircuts. The lady who cuts our hair started on Daniel’s hair and here’s how the conversation went:

She: Who cut his hair?

Me: Me.

She: Oh. That is why it is uneven. Did your husband come in last week to get his hair cut?

Me: Yes.

She: I asked him what salon he went to get his hair cut because it was all uneven. He said, “My wife cut it.” I said, “Well, if you went to a salon, I was going to say it is a terrible salon, but if your wife cut it, well then that is ok.”

Good thing I have good self esteem. I was cracking up at her comments! But it was fascinating the education I received between the difference in American hair cutting techniques and the Japanese techniques. Never even knew there were so many things to think about!

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  1. corriespondent - June 12, 2010

    Did you go to Kosmos? That is so funny!!

  2. Angela Yee - June 12, 2010

    I did! The lady there is very nice, which is why I didn’t mind her comments. 🙂

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