The art of persuasion

Early this morning I stayed up late finishing the book Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive. It was a fascinating book about psychology, communication, sales and leadership.

There was so much fascinating stuff in the book. This post is not meant to be a book review — instead, here are some of the interesting things that stuck out to me and questions that it brought up regarding ministry.

It pays to be honest. Companies that are up front about their weaknesses actually do better. They are perceived as honest, so when they talk about their strengths, people believe them. This only works if your weaknesses are not huge glaring ones, though.

People like their names. We favor things associated with our names. People preferred business names starting with the same letter as their name, or names that were smiliar to your name.

Simple is better. Companies with easy-to-remember names had higher stock prices because people felt more positively towards simple names or symbols. (Hmm… University Covenant Church. People seem to have a hard time remembering the name, but they seem to recognize it when I mention it. They say, “Oh, the church by the gas station!” But then people say, “Is that church for students from the university?”)

Anyway, there was a ton of info that will take me a while to process through… very thought provoking!

A Yee

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