Feeling geeky

In preparation from my trip to Europe, I am learning how to work in a mobile manner.

I got an iPad and am putting it through its paces. In the process, I feel like a total geek, working on a Mac, PC, and iPad all at the same time. (The PC is not in this picture.)

There are some challenges, like I can’t convert RAW images from my camera to jpg. Also the camera adapter is backordered so I can’t connect my camera to the iPad anyway. It’s actually a bit complicated in how I will blog:

    Download the photos to Megan’s netbook.
    Use FastStone Image Viewer to convert RAW to JPG.
    Upload photo to WordPress’ media library.
    Save photos to Dropbox so I can have a backup copy when I get home.
    Use my iPad to blog.

I’m not using Megan’s net book to blog because she will be using it most of the time and since both of us are writers, I’m sure we will both be doing a lot of writing on our trip!

I also set up Pages so I can start writing another book. Trips away seem to be good opportunities to write!

So this blog is the first blog I am posting from my iPad! It is even cool how the iPad has a WordPress app, which makes it really easy to use!

All in all, I am quite impressed with the functionality and “coolness” of this thing. I wasn’t planning to get one till second generation but this first generation one is pretty awesome!

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