To-do's breakdown

I am still a big fan of Hit List (from Potion Factory) and use it every day. Recently I started organizing my tasks in order and in the general period of day. Instead of nesting the items in that period of day, I just make the time of day in bold with hyphens going across. This way I can easily check the tasks as they are completed and archive them. (When I nest them them, even when they are completed, they show up if all the items in that nested list aren’t done yet.)

Another advantage is that the bold headings can easily be carried to the next day because there is nothing under them. (Otherwise all the subitems would get carried to the next day too.)

No idea if this makes any sense if you are not a user of Hit List, but it works for me!

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    is there a good PC equivalent to that program?

    June 14, 2010 at 2:45 pm
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