Night and day customer service

Usually I post a photo, but no photo this time as I want to keep the company anonymous…

So back in February I purchased some software but didn’t have time to install it until now. When I tried to use it, a window popped up saying, “Please register.”

So I called customer service. Person A answered the phone.

PersonA: Certainly I can help you. Are you using the Pro or the Premiere version?

Me: Uh, it doesn’t say.

A: It should say Pro or Premiere after it.

Me: No. It doesn’t say anything.

A: Please press F1 and it will pop up a window with your license number.

Me: It doesn’t work.

A: Are you pressing F1?

Me: Yes.

A: Press F1.

Me: I AM pressing F1.

A: Please read me the license number in the window.

Me: There IS no window. Nothing works. Is there another place on the menu or something? Or another keyboard command? I am using a Mac.

A: Oh! I forgot to ask you if you are on PC or Mac. Yes, Mac has totally different controls. Press apple-1.

Me: Ok, there is the window. There is no license number.

A: What does it say after the license number space?

Me: Nothing. There IS no license number.

A: Well what is the product number?

Me: Nothing! It’s all blank!

A: Well go to Help > About.

Me: Wait, if you want the About window, that is under the Application window.

A: Oh, yes. Ok, go there. What is after the license number?

Me: It says unregistered.

A: Look at the words “license number.” What numbers is after it?

Me: THERE IS NO NUMBER. It says, “Unregistered.”

A: There is supposed to be a number there.

Me: I told you, there is no license number or product number anywhere.

A: Well then I can’t help you.

Me: Can you look up my account or something or resend the email that has the license number? I can’t find it anywhere.

A: No sorry, I can’t do that. I can’t help you.

Me: YOU MEAN I PAID $180 FOR SOFTWARE THAT’S USELESS!????? (Ok, I wasn’t yelling, but that’s how I felt inside.)

A: Why don’t you call the Mac line number. It’s triple -8, bhhopbajpaophb.

Me: What was that?

A: Triple two. Two two two.

Me: Ok.

A: And bhawnkgheiopowihet.

Me: What?

Finally got the number from her. The whole conversation she was mumbling and I couldn’t understand her. Finally hung up and called the number.

Voicemail: Thank you for calling Mac support. Please enter your case number.

Me: No case number. I press zero-pound.

Voicemail: Sorry, that is an invalid number. Please enter your case number.

Me: Press nothing.

Voicemail. Sorry, that is an invalid number. Please enter your case number.


Finally I called another customer service number. The guy helped me in 3 minutes, told me the license number over the phone, sent me a confirmation email, and my software was up and running immediately. He helped me restore faith in this company. It’s really a good thing this company hired someone capable because based on my first interaction I would’ve just been a disgruntled customer and complained to everyone I know to not use this company’s products!

Those two experiences were night and day… and they were the same company!

Guess it just shows that organizations need to hire the best people they can because one bad experience can sour a customer for life!

A Yee

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  1. Kristin - June 19, 2010

    OH MY GOODNESS! I can’t stand it when that happens. Sounds very similar to my call with a certain airline while trying to get to my sister’s graduation and back. It also sums up my feelings about a certain bank and their own warped version of customer service. I miss the good old days…Mayberry…

  2. Angela Yee - June 19, 2010

    Ohhh yeah… man, that was awful! Well your experience was far worse than mine!

  3. Evonne - June 19, 2010

    Seriously, you should have your own T.V. show. I would definitely watch.

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