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This week, in preparation for my trip, I actually took both my days off because I had so much to do at home! Even though I had lots of stuff to do, I thoroughly enjoyed it because I got to be with my family, even in the midst of all the family activities.

Daniel had some buddies over to play video games. After they left, Megan’s friend Casey came over for a sleepover. She refers to me as her “other mother” because Casey is one of Megan’s “sisters.” Megan’s other friend Hannah also calls me her other mother because Hannah is Megan’s other “sister.” When Megan and Casey chowed down on noodles all weekend, I said to Casey, “You like noodles too???” She said, “Must run in the family.” Then Albert said, “She’s Asian. Of course she loves noodles.”

In the evening, Albert, Daniel and I went to REI to look for some travel things. I was trying out hats when I discovered that whoever mounted the mirror didn’t take into account short Asians.

I could see the top of the hat… but not my head. Even on tippy toes I could barely see my forehead. It was quite amusing.

Then we went to Starbucks and enjoyed some family time (minus Megan) while Albert called out the chord numbers of the music we were listening to everytime the musician on the recording changed a chord.

Today we had an early Father’s Day celebration because Megan and I are leaving tomorrow. Albert decided he wanted to go to Carl’s Jr. Must be a guy thing.

When we were there, we discovered that three of us were experiencing similar brain waves when choosing our clothing this morning. We must be related or something.

Albert was wearing dark blue… just not the bright the blue the rest of us were wearing.

Daniel is sporting his new shirt that Megan picked for him and bought on sale. He loves the shirt. He said, “I hire Megan to do shopping for me now because I hate shopping so much.” He pays her 10%! But since she gets it on sale, I guess it is a win for everyone! Kinda funny — 15 years old and already has his own personal shopper! (When I was in high school, I would give money to my sister to go out and buy clothes for me because I hated shopping. But I didn’t pay her anything! Megan sure has it good!)

Megan and I went to Target this afternoon to get last-minute items for our trip. We were there for what felt like hours. I was exhausted. But she was going so strong that after we got home, she went out for a walk! I just dragged myself around the house. She is the only person in our family who loves shopping. Definitely not my genes!

Poor Albert is morose I am leaving. Daniel is bummed Megan will be gone. So they are coping by playing lots of video games and they made an ice cream run tonight. I made him promise he would eat well while I was gone. He said, “Sure, I will have the four major food groups: chocolate, ice cream, pizza, and coffee.”

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