Europe Day 2: Evening, first concert

June 22 evening

I forgot to post a picture of some of the cool things out in the market. They had cute little violins, complete with a little violin case! Each was maybe 6 inches long. No idea what they were for but they were awfully beautiful.

The kids rehearsed all afternoon and then some of the parents who had stayed at the hotel went to join them for the concert. It was at the Residence Hall. I forget whose residence it used to be. The archbishop?

When we arrived, they were still practicing.

A German brass/wind band had joined them for two pieces they were playing together. Michael Neumann conducted one and then the other conductor conducted the other.

Here’s the other side of the symphony. (Some of them changed into their concert dress after the rehearsal.)

And the bass players.

My daughter! So proud of her!

Michael Neumann, conducting. I like the pattern of chairs behind him.

So orderly-looking…

The two conductors together.

This was taken during the concert. It was really tough to get any decent pictures because most of the front of the group was sitting in the semi-dark. Only the people in the back were in the light but they were hard to see. And then the first couple rows were reserved so I was four rows deep, which means I couldn’t even see the right side. Sigh… But for those in the light, my camera had no problem at all picking them out. This picture was taken probably from 30 or 40 feet away?

A picture of the hall. Mozart played in this building!

A group shot! They did such an awesome job and received a standing ovation. During the concert I almost got tears in my eyes because I was so proud and amazed at the beauty of the music, performed by such young folks!

Afterwards it was time to pack up and head on out. Outside was a cool statue. The light made it look like it was glowing.

Afterwards some of us were starving! There was no dinner and it was like 10 pm. So we stopped by McDonalds, which is the only thing that stays open after 8 pm here. Everything closes at 6 in Salzburg. There’s no late-night market and no 7-11. If you don’t have everything you need by 6, you’re out of luck. And on Easter, everything is closed from Thursday to Tuesday (5 days). So you need to stock up!

The McDonalds was so fancy compared to what we have at the US. The menu was relatively similar, a few different things. (Or maybe this is available in the U.S. now but I haven’t been to McDonald’s in ages.)

I got a hamburger. It tasted like a regular hamburger – no change there!

But you won’t see this in the U.S.

A cabinet of Austrian pastries! And you won’t see this either…

That’s a pretty classy McDonalds! Everyone asked, “Why don’t we have this in the U.S.?” One guy said, “You could totally have a cheap date here!”

Then home… 11 pm… shower and to bed…. Megan instantly conked out because she was so exhausted!

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